Sunday, February 23, 2014


It's been a long, cold winter here in southern ON - the kind of winters from my childhood, with real snow, and really cold temperatures.  Both barns froze solid where I barn for almost a week, and the main barn for several.  Got a text this morning that we have hot water in the main barn again (and there is great rejoicing! :D) ....we are supposed to go back down to below zero F again in a couple of days, so we will enjoy it as we have it.
Diam has had most of the winter off...a lot of it is because I was just plain being too much of a wuss to bundle up in multiple layers of clothing to toddle around on him.  Recently our local saddle club has reactivated, and the prospect of creating real, tangible goals created a new spark in me.
Now, my last few rides have been indoors...and each one has had its interesting moments.  Most of these involve different times of day, different conditions - but each one has involved some measure of attitude on his part.  My first step is going to be getting his back checked - start simple.  He's wanted to buck a few times now - nothing huge, but in the opinion of a trusted, good rider - with dirty intent.  Now I've never liked a bucker - good feeling is a whole different thing - but today, for example, he was "up" right from go...nice day, bit of a breeze, so the end of the cover-all was a bit noisy.
My DSO thinks that was a key factor...the noise.  When Diam decided to be difficult - in friend's eyes, had he been given the chance to drop his head, he'd have started pitching - DSO saw that coupled with the increased sound of the wind in the rafters.
So, chronicling this might help me pinpoint a common thread.  Is he perhaps claustrophobic, or has negative associations with the indoor from past experiences elsewhere? Outdoor rides have been positive experiences - I'd like to see that happen in the indoor too.
Happy riding,

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