Tuesday, September 24, 2013

..onward, and upward!

Going to actually attempt to post regularly now...summer has come and gone, with n
Diam being lightly ridden in the outdoor a few times. We've found that he has a lovely snaffle mouth.  I honestly didn't expect that...I've previously had OTTBs who are strong in the bridle, so it is really making me ride more tactfully.  I asked my BO, who is an outstanding barrels rider, to give me his opinion on where to go from here, so he hopped on in the outdoor.
He fell in love !
He rode Diam in all three gaits in both directions, and it delighted me to see what a good rider can do with a horse.  He had to do a lot of digging for correct leads...mind you from what I gather Diam has  likely not been consistently ridden in over a year.  And his lope....sigh.  But the coolest thing of all  was Ron asking him to stop...he can dig right in like a good thing!
Last night was our first ride in the indoor, and the first time Diam has really thrown me attitude.  The plan was just walk jog since I've been busy over the last few weeks.  He popped in a bunny hop at the walk, and a few strides later, another one.  Now I'm not a rider who is good at riding out bucks...even when I was far more fit.  Rather than completely throw in the towel, I asked Ron if he'd be willing to sound him out and see what he thought.
Holy attitude and a half!  Popping tail, bucks, and head-tossing! I hate to say that it's a relief when your horse is an asshole with a better rider, but somehow knowing that you're not the only one is a relief.  Ron has the ability to follow through if a horse gets difficult, but he does so with tact and patience.  He needed a lot of it last night; I'm going to store it in my metaphorical toolbox.  Diam got to the point of deserving a swat on the rear with the lines, but that point was only after a lot of patient correction. Same tack as usual, no signs of heat or soreness...just 'tude.
The best part was the ride ending on a good note....a civilized walk round the arena.  Naughty buggerwasn't   done yet though...as I was taking off his bridle, he ducked out of the  reins and backed all the way to his stall! I know that he's learned to back away in his previous life, so am going to have to stay vigilant about that.
And the unexpected ,lovely end to the challenge....seeing the love and affection shared by him and my dear friend.  Take a bow, gentlemen!

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